Who are we?

The Southern Indian Ocean Deepsea Fishers Association was formed in 2006 by the four companies that were active in the deep-sea high-seas fisheries of the Southern Indian Ocean at the time, and is registered under the Incorporated Societies Act of the Cook Islands.  The objectives of the Association included the promotion of responsible management of the deepwater fishery resources of the SIO to ensure sustained harvests to the benefit of mankind while conserving biodiversity, especially deepwater benthos in the area of the fishery and associated and dependent species.  

SIODFA Members

The current members of SIODFA are: 

• Austral Fisheries (Pty) Ltd, Perth, Australia

• Taiyo A&F Co. Ltd, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

• Orafco Ltd, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands and

• United Fame Investments (Cook Islands) Ltd, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

In 2018 Taiyo A&F Co. Ltd, Chuo-ku, Tokyo assumed the ownership and management of the operations of the factory trawler Tomi Maru No. 58 from Kato Gyogo Ltd, Shigama City, Myagi, Japan.  In the same year Taiyo A&F were accepted as full members of SIODFA.  Taiyo A&F are joint-venture partners with Orafco Ltd and Austral Fisheries Ltd.

The Association members’ vessels have been fishing in this area since 2000; some started their fishing operations in the area as early as 1996.

Austral Fisheries past association with Pescanova of Spain has been replaced by its current partnership with the Taiyo Fishing Company,   of Japan.   United Fame Investments is a subsidiary of Sealord Group, New Zealand and have an association with the Nissui Suisan Company of Japan.

SIODFA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to cooperate in investigating, developing and promoting appropriate means of deep-sea resources management, including mitigation of adverse impact of fishing activities on the marine environment and non-targeted species, based on the FAO Code of Conduct for the management of deep-sea fisheries in the high seas; to exchange views and work together for sustainable development of fisheries using e.g., Benthic Protected Areas and an Ecosystem Approach; and to develop and reinforce communication partnerships and links between the marine environment and those involved in these fisheries.

SIODFA is an accredited observer to the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA) and has participated in all of its general meetings, meetings of the Scientific Committee, meetings of the Compliance Committee and stock assessment working groups.  SIODFA is also an accredited observer to the Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome.

SIODFA is administered as follows: 

President: Brian Flanagan, Cape Town, South Africa

Executive Secretary: Dr Ross Shotton, Crete, Greece

SIODFA is incorporated under the 1994 Incorporated Societies Act, Department of Justice, Cook Islands.

The activities of SIODFA are entirely financed by its members.

Many crew have been in the fishery since its start 10 years ago: for them it provides secure and well paid employment in congenial situations.
Many of the crew come from the Philippines, Namibia, South Africa, and Indonesia.

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